In attendance: Jennifer Wehof, Gabriela Farfan, Jennifer Panlilio, Bryce Corlett, Meghan Jones

@MIT: None

Absent: Julia, Hanny, Lauren

  • At-large Steinbach Scholar tasks –Gabi for Lauren
    1. BBQ is on August 1st
    2. Tasks needed help for: shopping, set the up the BBQ, clean up
    3. First years will be in charge of setting up the BBQ
  • JP Summer Picnic –Jenny W., Jenny P.
    1. Summer JP picnic for promoting joint program camaraderie
    2. Potential dates: July 22nd or 29th
    3. Need to send out save the date email
    4. Will Reimburse travel if you are at MIT (have a carpool list too)
  • Summer Picnic –Jenny W., Jenny P.
    1. Revamp old summer picnic that brought MIT students to WHOI. Instead, do an aquarium trip between Joint program and MIT students.
    2. Aquarium access – WHOI ID cardholders are granted entrance, no guest pass (info by Joanne Trompe), Tell her the dates/ how many people are coming so she can notify the aquarium
    3. Funded by GSC
    4. Missed the summer application deadline (need to document GSC funding as a summer picnic task)
    5. Will apply in the fall (Summer/Fall 2- October/November/December), for a fall aquarium trip
    6. Will help co-organize events with new reps
  • Jelly talks
    1. Potentially move some to the afternoon to accommodate conflicting AOPE lab meetings
  • ODGE funding
    1. Thank you card for Dean Ortiz
    2. Greeting card to next Dean
  • Grocery trip van access and oyster pond shuttle schedule
    1. Send email to poll for people’s needs and suggestions for improvement
    2. Reminder email on shuttle times, and the protocol for signing up to use the grocery van
  • Elections
    1. APO versus student run
    2. Revamp system: voting ballot will be based on nominated individuals
    3. Department reps are responsible to emailing out their respective student bodies to ask for nominations. At large reps will be responsible for seeking at-large rep nominations from the whole student body.
    4. Schedule:
    5. Informal announcement of nomination procedure during summer picnic
    6. First week of august- reps seek nominations
    7. Third week of august- reps email out nominees and ask if they accept nominations
    8. Fourth week of august, polls are sent out, and new reps are in place
  • Documentation
    1. End of July- update the drive with documents relating to your responsibilities
    2. Collect pictures for the thank you note we send to the Dean in October
    3. Change requirements for funding
    4. Pictures of the event
    5. Short event write up of what happened - (was it a success, Number of people who attended etc.)